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Taka Nuva Bionicle Costume

  My boys were invited at a family friends birthday party not so long ago. The birthday boy loves the bionicle world and so I thought of making him  into his favorite hero Taka Nuva. This seem to  be a perfect choice for a gift. Looking at the image above, I slightly doubted my capabilities. I was puzzled on how to re-create the tiny lego pieces so that the boy can wear it. Surfing online did not help much either.

My complications remained in the numerous small detailed jointed lego pieces that are required for figure assembly. I thought it resemble the human skeletal frame which I used to base my design on. Painting it on a plain black sweatsuit became my focus, I had seen on numerous occasions  squeleton costumes done in the same manner. So here is how I proceeded.

1)While using a chalk style “conte” pencil that I purchased at an art specialty store (apprx.4$), I outlined all the pieces directly onto the sweats. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it freehand like I did, I suggest that you make a paper stencil that you can trace, although this way will take longer.

2) Here’s another example of my “rough” sketch and the drawn outline on the shirts’ sleeve.

3) I purchased industrial black foam knee pads from the dollars store to make Taka Nuva’s rounded shoulders. I painted them white with acrylic paint and gave them both 2 coats of mod podge gloss finish. I glued a black velcro strip to the undersides of the pads and sewn the other pair of velcro onto the shoulder parts of the shirt.

4) After drawing the entire outline of each piece both for the front and the back, I started to paint it with white acrylic paint. **Before painting always place a plastic bag-cardboard or something of this sort in between the layers because the paint will penetrate and stain the back. This paint is permanent.***

5) Here’s the pants completed and drying. Consider doing two coats, depending on the quality of your acrylic paint, the one I had on hand was poor and needed the double coating to make it opaque. Specialty art store brands could probably do it in one coat.

6) The mask was done by using foam board, it’s two cardboards sandwiching foam, I believe they are used primarily for presentations. While using the papier mache technique, after I cut out the dimensional pieces and glued them, I covered it with white tissue paper in papier mache style. The weapons were fashioned with the same material, and I rolled up to large black bristol boards covered them with black tissue paper in the same style as the mask. Here’s the birthday boy showcasing his Taka Nuva costume below.

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  1. Catherine Forest

    Wow, you are AMAZING!!!

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