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Ukrainian Easter Delight

This easter we had the chance to participate in a easter egg workshop. My Ukrainian friend Olenka suggested we do something for easter together. It was a wonderful plan, Dave and I had not thought about what we were doing this year, setting an activity, enjoying a feast with good company is always a treat.

The technique employs the use of beeswax and a small tool to melt the wax over a flame. You paint on the egg using the melted wax to form designs and patterns. Once you are satisfied with the look, you dip it into colours, then return to painting with the wax again. This secondary part will cover up some coloured areas so that you can have two coloured design. I’ve never seen the boys so concentrated. It was a nice relaxing activity, even the adults got a try.

We enjoyed a nice brunch and followed it with a traditional easter egg hunt. The boys were so excited, running this way and that. To make it fair, we gathered all the eggs that they found and divided them amongst each other.

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