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Nature Block

Posted by on January 13, 2012

   It’s winter here in Canada, along with the season comes a multitude of activities to do outdoors. This week we just started back with homeschooling. It was a little ruff for Tristan since we had much to accomplished that was left undone prior to the holiday’s. For Evan, it was a different story, he had a one week block on Nature as a main lesson, painting as lesson A and cooking as lesson B. Typical activities he’d do on his own, while not having any writing, reading or calculating exercises, he was very happy! Since I had many subjects to undertake with Tristan, I asked Dave (he’s been laid off so home with us) to take out the little boys for a walk and enjoy nature’s seasonal gifts. He took along the camera and came back with such beautiful pictures, here’s a pictogram of what they did together.

























Drawings done on the newly frozen lake. Evan’s interpretation of the townscape.

Here’s photos taken about the beginnings of the lake freezing.











what a beautiful morning, I wish that i’d gone also. We are still waiting for the snow, it should be here by now. Normally we can get a good 3 to 4 ft. base. In past years, we have created a snow park, a long winding slide through the forest, a snow mini-putt, ice bowling and an ice castle.

Here’s a picture of a snow dragon that I made in 2009 for my two ‘snow’ knights!

On their hike I asked if they could spot some lichen on trees and bring a little back home since I had a plan for a craft, adding lichen to a small bottle to make a pendant for a necklace. We didn’t get around doing it that day but managed sometime mid-week. A suggestion from Donna’s Christopherus curriculum was to make a terrarium , unfortunately everything is covered under snow. Since we had very little, I asked Evan to try and spot some moss and bring it back to make our terrarium. He actually knew where to find some and directed Daddy to his location. Sure enough he was right! We’ve not had the chance to start on this project because we are currently working on another, we are making a homemade reader. I’ll be posting the how-to very soon, it wasn’t a first for us, we’ve made them before and they turned out professionally made.

Here’s a very proud Evan wearing his self-made necklace. What a sweet face! To make the necklace, he used hemp string the length that he wanted his necklace to be, then added 5x or 6x that length. You fold it at the desired length, loop and knot. You’ll end up with two strings, a short one and a very long one. The long one is for knotting ‘macrame’ style, making a “number 4” knot over and over again. Evan wanted to add some beads, this also makes the knotting time shorter. The more beads you add = the less time knotting. The little bottle I had on hand, I bought it from factory direct crafts a while ago, 4 bottles for 3.99$. You add whatever you please, glue the cork and screw a miniature eyelet. Then you finish off with a button, I helped Evan attaching it.





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