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About us

March 4th 2011

Dave and I have taken the first step to changing our lives. By creating this website, we hope to inspire others to rediscover who they really are by pursuing their passions. We have always been marching to the beat of our own drum, living life alternatively from mainstream. We know by experience that it’s not always the most comfortable shoe to be in. However, we feel that it is important to stay true to oneself. Taking Gandhi’s words to heart ” Be the change you want to see in the world” by actively taking hold and acknowledging that we have created our current reality. Be it pleasant or not, we are in complete control to create a new reality that speaks to us more profoundly. COMMUNITY is key, often a BIG part of what is missing in our personal, daily, fractal lives, a feeling of being part of a whole. Seven years ago, we decided to leave the city life, our established employments, our extended family and move 3 hours away into the countryside. We wanted to give our children a slower paced childhood where we could live through the season on a more rooted level and reconnect with nature. It has been a wonderful experience! We’ve faced many emotions, and overcome some difficulties, isolation being one of them. All said and done, it was all worth it.

Now we are gearing ourselves up to new adventures…

1.Of world travel, learning , exploring and meeting  people and places part of this beautiful planet.
2. Building a solar passive sustainable home on a shoe string budget
3. Sharing our experience and day to day life of Waldorf inspired homeschool
4. Offering tutorials on beautiful handwork crafts
5.Creating a global online and offline community of like-minded people, who share our views and values

We are constantly redefining who we are, where we are going and how to get there. I guess this is needed in an ever-so quickly changing world.

I would like to invite you to post and share your story to inspire others that living outside the box may not be as frightening as it may seem. We do not need to follow in our inherited footsteps. The earth needs pioneers and trailblazers more then ever. Be brave, share your gift and shine your unique brilliance!

Yours in gratitude,


David, Tristan, Evan and Owen

8 Responses to About us

  1. Crystal Davidson-Henschel

    I cannot thank you enough for your blog posts. We have just started or Waldorf inspired journey and your explanations and photos of main lesson pages have left me with a deeper understanding of the blocks in our own Waldorf curriculum. When I look for recent posts I cannot find any and am wondering if perhaps you now blog on another site?
    Most sincerely,
    Crystal (a very grateful momma)

    • Stephanie

      Hi Crystal,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I love receiving comments from my readers, it always brings a smile to my face. I am so happy that my Waldorf journey and the posts I’ve written have offered help. That’s reason they are there. You can find all the Waldorf homeschool under the tab at the top. As of this past September 2017 I had to stop homeschooling because I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had intentions of finishing the homeschool journey by adding the 3rd year and 6th year. I have the work archives from 2 of my 3 sons. New of this year 2018 We have a new website geared to travel called the Travel Bugs at We are lining ourselves up to long term world travel ( we’ve had this in mind since we started this Five of Us website) but our main obstacle was the financing aspect of such a way of life. Hope you visit us there also. Glad to be of help. All the best for your journey! There’s nothing better you can offer your children!

  2. Jeanene

    I haven’t been blogging for so long, possibly because we are so busy on the farm and because we have sloooow satellite internet but I was looking at some norse myths work for my son and came across your blog…Again,, as I saw a message I posted to you so long ago when we lived in Dominican Republic… Well now we live in Southern California and have our own little school on the farm. So if you ever do travel please stop by… since we have so many boys in the family and really are nature farm boys I am sure they would get along. Oh by the way have you heard of we have many volunteers helping out on our farm in exchange for food and accommodation. they help so much. Nice to see your boys again. Jeanene

    • Stephanie

      Hi Jeanene,

      Really nice to hear from you again. I too, have not been blogging for a while. We have undertaken the construction of a solar passive house back in September 2012, nearly completely done by my husband and myself. We had envisioned to finish the house in a year and rent it out (slightly naive) and take the road but our plan has been put on hold for now until we complete our house. We are in the second year and should be done by spring. Our plan is to travel across Canada to Vancouver, British Columbia and then down the coast to California, loop back into Arizona, Nevada and Utah. It’s vague still, I did not put much thought at this point. Yes, definitely would love to visit, I have a few friends here that take in help exchange travelers too, it’s a wonderful program. I’ve looked into Woofers international too. I’ll keep your invite in mind when we seriously plan our travels. Thanks again. Stephanie

  3. Jen

    Hi – I just came upon your page. How do I follow your blog? Thanks!

    • Stephanie

      Hi Jen,

      Give me some time to figure out how to add a subscribe button. I’m learning while working with the website, i’m not that tech savvy! But it would be nice to get subscribed followers and build an online community. Thanks for making me aware.

  4. Jeanene

    A cute blog. We moved from Miami to an organic farm/ranch in the Dominican Republic when our boys were young. We’ve been there for 7 years and loved it, even though we were isolated. The boys are inseparable and so creative and adventurous. We recently moved back to the USA, to CA and are looking for another farm.

    • Stephanie

      I’ve read your blog in the past, it is very inspiring. Your boys have such luck to have lived in such a culturally diverse country as Dominican Republic. We are presently building our home and are looking forward to long term travel, we hope to offer the same chance for our boys. Thanks for leaving a comment, I appreciate it. Stephanie :0)

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