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The Direction

This quote cannot hang more true today. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates was a scholar in medicine (alternative to today’s standards of allopathic remedies) and advocated that illness is due primarily to poor eating habits. That nature embodies great healing forces by which are part of all living organisms. It’s no secret, we live in a processed industrial society. From birth to death, we are factors of industry, whether it be education, health or occupation, first, second and third world nations are swallowed and are drowning in the bellies of industry. We are divorced in every sense from our natural state. Cancer is a product of industrialization. It’s a process of denaturalizing the nature of living organisms. So how DO you fight cancer and eradicate it from your life? After watching “The Truth about Cancer”, by the way, brace yourself for heavy dismantling of your former beliefs. It’s one of those eye opener series. If you are a Daniel Quinn fan and “Ishmael” blew you out of your preconceived judgements, TTAC will do just that and even more. Let’s make it clear, our health care system’s primary objective is to make money. No, not to heal you, to make money. It’s a perfect format, there’s no real connection between doctor and patient, no emotional attachment. It’s easier to prescribe a pharmaceutical drug or undergo a complicated surgery instead of having to form a detailed report researching the root causes of someone’s illness. Be reactive rather than proactive. Let’s band-aid the problem rather than solve it. This format also dictates an arms-length approach, with a lack of emotional connection.  That’s why doctors normally do not operate on loved ones. But this emotional connection is what makes us human. The deeper the connection, the more we feel part of a whole. Real community is built on connections. When people nostalgically talk about the past, what they are really missing is the community of people they felt, the connection and love between individuals that is so distant in today’s society. We are drawn to reality TV because it gives us an artificial connection to community that we so desire. I heard stories from the 50’s of family physicians visiting patients at their homes. These doctors were deeply involved with the family’s well-being, probably on visits would remember assisting the birth of the same boys playing in the front yard. They knew about the families’ financial hardships, lost of farm animals, or how they underwent major life changes; in essence they had a map that connected the dots to each family member. These doctors held the big picture. Connection is crucial for trust. Without it, you are blindly following the advice of a stranger who may or may not have your best interests at heart. In other words, we are all born with 5 senses in order to explore and understand our world. Anybody who’s spent time watching a toddler sees the little scientist ready to explore its environment. But as we get older we are conditioned to cede that intuition and understanding to the experts of a precise field. In essence, we hand over our power of judgement to those we deem are more qualified. We lose the confidence to employ our own intelligence. If we are to hand over our power to authority than I would like to think that this authority carries the highest of qualification and has our best interest at heart since it literally has our life in its hands. But qualification opposes accessibility. Let me explain, the more qualified an individual is, the less accessible he becomes. Oh! How I wish I had the opportunity to be followed by someone like the late Dr. Max Gerson from 1920’s, Dr. Johanna Budwig from 1950’s, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez (1947-2015), or still living but lost his medical license, Dr. Tullio Simoncini from Italy, all of whom have treated by natural methods and most importantly, HEALED stage IV cancer. Most of their patients were diagnosed with a death sentence, the hospital had discharged them. Miraculously (and I say this with tongue in cheek) recovered with heavily scientific research by their breakthrough paradigm thinking. The cure for cancer has been found as early as 1920 through unpatentable natural remedies accompanied with major lifestyle changes that most conventional doctors are completely unaware of. As a result, money makes the world go round, if a product cannot be patented therefore it cannot make money. Bottom line diet and sedentation are truly the culprit of disease. It’s no coincidence that we do not know how to nourish ourselves properly when the food pyramid that we are taught in school is biased to industry.

Everyone will recognize this food pyramid from their elementary school exercise books. Consider your plate as a pie chart, a big slice would be held by cereals and grains, then a generous portion for fruits and vegetables, followed by smaller equal amounts of meats and dairy and a minor amount of sweets and oils.

Now I knew when I was diagnosed that I had to do something about my diet. But the thing I did not understand was that I believed I held a very balanced-diet. I ate according to this very pyramid. Why would I ever get cancer? My oncologist said cancer was not fair and there is really no explanation to why someone who eats all the right things and gets cancer to someone who eats all the wrong things and doesn’t get it. This did not make any sense to me. There had to be a reason why I got sick. I had to dig deeper to understand.

I read that cancer thrives in acidic environment and cannot survive in an alkaline one. This related to a PH balance. I didn’t know much about PH besides being an avid gardener and having to adjust the soil for gardening. I knew it was a scale of 1 to 14 and that 7 was the neutral point. Certain plants and trees live better in slightly acidic soils while others prefer a slightly alkaline one. So I did a search on acidic foods and alkaline foods and I was astonished with what I found out.


You should absolutely avoid all ultra processed foods like frozen dinners, boxed foods with seasoning pouches, beware of that dreaded sugary cereal isle or snack isle with granola and breakfast bars. In essence if you can’t understand the ingredients because it’s to scientific, and sugar is one of the first three ingredients, it probably isn’t good for you. But we already knew this long ago when Tristan was a preschooler having allergic reactions to chemically processed foods. If we don’t change somehow, our children are most probably going to be the catalyst towards that change.

My typical breakfast consisted of homemade granola sweetened with authentic maple syrup combined with a probiotic vanilla flavoured yogurt and a cup of fresh berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and/or blackberries). A typical lunch would be a tortilla wrap of scramble eggs, salsa and cheese with a side of green salad. Last my typical supper would consist of some type of meat like a roasted chicken breast, with seasoned roasted potatoes, and some type of vegetable like green beans, asparagus, garlic zucchini etc. We did not avidly eat junk food. We ate junk food on occasions.

After coming across the list of acidic vs. alkaline foods I realized I consumed too many items from the acidic portion then the latter. In the same instant I started looking at some of my chronic symptoms I was experiencing to see if there was a possible link. For instance, I was experiencing out of the blue migraines, I had unexplainable weight gain without eating more foods, in fact I had reduced most of my portions and I had gone on several diets to help me lose weight but to no success. I also experienced depression, some days were better than others. Last but not least, I had been experiencing constipation, not the oh! so painful kind but I had excepted the fact I was a slow eliminator. I could go a full 2 days before having a bowel movement. On average, someone healthy eliminates twice a day, normally first thing in the morning to discharge the body of the previous days waste and somewhere mid-afternoon, to eliminate the waste from breakfast and lunch.

Rowan, a very good friend of mine, suggested I look into hormone imbalance to see if there may be a link with the symptoms I was having. She said she had read that there could be a link with my thyroid gland and my unexplainable weight gain. My oncologist had said I had high levels of estrogen and that my cancer was estrogen fed. So I immediately look into thyroid imbalance. See this is one of those steps I wish my doctor assessed. He didn’t even question about my lifestyle or diet or how I can optimize my health before undergoing debilitating radiation and chemotherapy. Supposedly estrogen dominance is an epidemic. Many women today have high levels of estrogen and if left unchecked, guess what, lead to breast and ovarian cancer. An out of balance thyroid can also mean drastic emotional changes. Furthermore, the symptoms of menopause should not be extended over say 10 years like we see today. Which is linked to estrogen dominance. The symptoms of menopause should last under one year maybe two and they should be mild. Moreover, if you are experiencing hot flashes, flushing, weight gain, unstable moods, brain fog, and heavy periods before menopause; then there is a great chance you have estrogen dominance.

Now I also came across hypothyroidism which is an under active thyroid that doesn’t properly distribute adequate amounts of progesterone to equally balance out the estrogen. The symptoms of hypothyroidism almost match perfectly with my symptoms: fatigue, depression, anxiety, weight gain, constipation, changes in the menstrual cycle, cold hands and feet, muscles aches and spasms. Consequently, I began to think my link to cancer was my under active thyroid coupled with an acidic diet. Now I felt that I had found a logical link to why I was developing a tumour and what I needed to do to reverse it. When the body is functioning optimally any excess hormones are eliminated through the bowels. But while you are constipated the wastes filled with toxins and hormones are reabsorbed by the colon, in this way causing a vicious cycle. I had read about the Gerson Therapy and how this doctor implemented daily coffee enemas to help the body detoxify and eliminate the wastes. Dr. Gerson believed that cancer was able to thrive because the digestive and immune system were malfunctioning. At this point, I had never experienced an enema and the idea of putting (say what?) coffee into my behind seem very, very weird. More research was needed on this topic so I found  Dr. Lawrence Wilson’s full explanation and history of coffee enemas very informative. Did you know this was a highly used protocol since Jesus, yeah the one who walked on water! This treatment was even written in the Dead Sea Scrolls, not that I am religious but it’s impressive to say the least. It was effectively used to treat poisoning since it is one of the best ways to detox the liver; which is the main organ that deals with all the toxins that enter your body either by your voluntary actions of drinking alcohol and taking pharmaceutical drugs to inhaling and consuming pesticides, heavy metals and any other poison that enters our bodies.

From this point on, daily double coffee enemas became part of my routine along with my already no-grain and no sugar diet; I eliminated all dairy, all meat except for fish (necessary omega-3) and the occasional egg. That first enema left me feeling exhilarated, like a huge load was removed from my shoulders. I felt light, no bloating and able to take on the day. Initially, I was a little afraid of removing too many electrolytes and becoming weak as an adverse effect but I was quickly dispelled from this worry after my experience. I was so surprised that removing toxins felt so good. This protocol was not going to be a challenge to uphold. I was completely addicted and wanted to feel this way all the time!