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My Country ~ Block II


Canadian's Anthem by Tristan 2011

Canadian’s Anthem by Tristan 2011

Since we had visited geography locally in the first block, we started to zoom out, visiting our country from coast to coast. We started our journey on the Atlantic Ocean, and for our first week visited the Maritime Provinces. Along with the provinces names, I wanted Tristan to memorize each province’s capital. We added the distinct flag of each place, the bird, the tree and flower of each region.  Lastly, he incorporated the provinces motto.

This made a very distinct way to learn one’s own country, instead of looking at population density, all the names of the cities, landscapes and geology. I figured not to give too much detailed information, allowing him to keep a clear picture of the whole of his country. There is plenty of time in later years to dive more deeply into the subject. This year was his first formal geography lesson, and we just scratched the surface.

You will find below in order of what Tristan has accomplished during this second block.


Week 1: Maritime Provinces

 Newfoundland and Labrador

“seek ye first the kingdom of God”

Newfoundland and Labrador by Tristan 2011

Newfoundland and Labrador by Tristan 2011

Capital: St-John’s

Bird:  Atlantic Puffin

Flower: Pitcher Plant

Tree: Black Spruce

Nova Scotia

“One defends and the other conquers”

Nova Scotia by Tristan 2011

Nova Scotia by Tristan 2011

Capital: Halifax

Bird: Osprey

Flower: Mayflower

Tree: Red Spruce

Prince Edward Island

” The small under the protection of the great!”

Prince Edward Island by Tristan 2011

Prince Edward Island by Tristan 2011

Capital: Charlottetown

Bird: Blue Jay

Flower: Lady’s slipper

Tree: Red Oak

New Brunswick

“Hope restored”

New Brunswick by Tristan 2011

New Brunswick by Tristan 2011

Capital: Fredericton

Bird: Black-capped Chickadee

Flower: Purple Violet

Tree: Balsam Fir

Week 2: St- Lawrence and Great Lakes Provinces / Prairie Provinces

Quebec seen in our first block, since it’s our home province

“Loyal she began, loyal she remains”

Ontario by Tristan 2011

Ontario by Tristan 2011

Capital: Toronto

Bird: Common Loon

Flower: White Trillium

Tree: Eastern White Pine


“Glorious and free”

Manitoba by Tristan 2011

Manitoba by Tristan 2011

Capital: Winnipeg

Bird: Gray Owl

Flower: Prairie Crocus

Tree: White Spruce


“From many peoples strength”

Saskatchewan by Tristan 2011

Saskatchewan by Tristan 2011

Capital: Regina

Bird: Sharp-Tailed Grouse

Flower: Western Lily

Tree: White Birch


“Strong and free”

Alberta by Tristan 2011

Alberta by Tristan 2011

Capital: Edmonton

Bird: Great Horned Owl

Flower: Wild Rose

Tree: Lodge Pole Pine


Week 3: West Coast and Northern Territories

 British Columbia

“Unlimited Splendor”

British Columbia by Tristan 2011

British Columbia by Tristan 2011

Capital: Victoria

Bird: Steller’s Jay

Flower: Pacific Dogwood

Tree: Western Red Cedar

Yukon Territory

(no motto)

Yukon by Tristan 2011

Yukon by Tristan 2011

Capital: Whitehorse

Bird: Black Raven

Flower: Fireweed

Tree: Subalpine Fir

Northwest Territories

(no motto)

Northwest Territories by Tristan 2011

Northwest Territories by Tristan 2011

Capital: Yellowknife

Bird: Gyrfalcon

Flower: Mountain Avens

Tree: Tamarack


“Our land, our strength”

Nunavut by Tristan 2011

Nunavut by Tristan 2011

Capital: Iqaluit

Bird: Rock Ptarmigan

Flower: Purple Saxifrage

 Week 4: My country, its regions and its industries


Local Geography 002

“True North, Strong and Free”Capital: OttawaAnimal Emlem: BeaverTree: Maple TreeRegions and IndustriesAtlantic Provinces: Forestry, Mining, Tourism and fishingGreat Lakes and the St-Lawrence Provinces: Farming, mining, forestry and hydro-electricityPrairie Provinces: Farming, process foods, transforms metal, make clothes, mining and petroleumWest Coast Province: Forestry and fishingNorthern Territories: Forestry, tourism, mining and petroleum

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  1. carolina

    Thank you for published this. I’m new in Waldorf and I will start with grade 4. I’ve been looking for examples about this unit and couldn’t find to much. Thank you!!

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