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My house, my own, my Province ~ Local Geography

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“In the past, when one was lost, all he had to do was look up at the heavens for guidance. Sun, moon and stars made excellent points of reference”. Excerpt taken from Tristan’s Main Lesson on Geography, written by Stephanie.

Local Geography 003We started by looking at how people in the past, found their way around without the use of maps. We also studied the four cardinal points, and drew a compass rose. After this, Tristan’s first map skills were placed on a bird’s eye view of his own bedroom. I incorporated his math measurements lessons into it. He really enjoyed re-creating the plans ofLocal Geography 001 his room. We looked at our house official floor and elevation plans, to see how the real architects do it.


Then he went on to draw  a bird’s eye view of our land and house.  I had sent him outdoors on his own to work on this project, and I was really pleased with his results.

The second week was spent learning about the first settlers of our local region, the Scots. We visited many historic buildings dating back to this epoch. We read about legendary people who lived here as well. We did a hike up a local mountain to view the land in a 360′ tour.

Local Geography 015The primary industry that sustained the local economy was forestry and is still very much present today as it was then. The construction of the International Railway, established in 1878,  allowed the expansion of the town’s population and making it a very important wood exporter from then on.


Week 3 was focused on our province. Tristan drew the province’s flag, the provincial bird, flower and tree. Quebec’s motto is “Je me souviens”, which means I will remember.

 Local Geography 005Local Geography 004


“Je me souviens”

Capital: Quebec city

Bird: Snowy Owl

Flower: Blue Iris

Tree: Yellow Birch

The last week of this block was spent learning the different regions of Quebec. There is 20 Regions in total.

Local Geography 016Local Geography 011







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