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Form Drawing I

This is my second time around doing first grade. Evan gets the reward of receiving a lesson better understood. What I mean is, 6 years ago when I just started looking at Waldorf as a potential program, certain aspects seemed a bit daunting. I did not understand the reasonning behind certain lessons. Form drawing being one of them. It seemed to me, unnecessary to ask my son to draw vertical and horizontal lines across a large blank page. To walk them outdoors in the garden and to find them in nature. I did it anyway just because it was part of the waldorf pedagogy, but I honestly did not see what could come of it. Let me tell you how wrong I was. This is quite a foundation block, maybe the most important ,to building good spatial awareness and equilibrium. As a person who has studied Fine Arts, we were asked to develop our spacial awareness through positive/negative exercises. But by beginning to develop an eye for detail like the lines, curves and shapes that surrounds our environment at an of 7, you are in fact creating a solid foundation for understanding complex mathematical, scientific and artistic properties.

After watching my eldest son Tristan evolve from his form drawings of simple lines, curves, shapes and spirals to the more complex celtic knots,  I am now convinced of its beneficial attributes. Just take a  look at his handwritting, so beautifully shaped and spaced. I thank form drawing for providing him with a base to spring from.

Following are some examples of the work performed by my two eldest sons, Tristan were done in the years of 2006/2007 and Evan’s this past year of 2010/2011

Using the curve chalk drawing above as an example, Evan modelled it with beeswax .

Beeswax Curves by Evan



Lines and Curves by Tristan

Standing Forms by Evan

Standing Forms by Tristan

Running Forms by Evan

Running Forms by Tristan


Spiral by Evan

Spiral by Tristan

















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