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Spiral Cookies


One day I was looking for ideas on “Crafty Crow” for good crafts to do that month. Crafty Crow is my favorite site, it is filled with entries from all over the world, you can find the link on the right side of my ‘about’ page under ‘crafting sites’. My middle son Evan happened to walk in and asked what I was doing, after my short briefing he took a glance at the site and something caught his eye, it was the valentine


spiral cookie activity. I think he thought it was candy, the colours were so vivid. This is not your typical dessert recipe, I like mine to have low sugar and no artificial flavours or colours. But who could resist a face like this one pleading to make them “just once” . So we did them, you can find the recipe and’ how to’ at this link

The best part without realizing it, we were studying spirals that week and this activity happened to coincide to give us a bonus lesson. What a treat, life will offer what you need, when you need it!

Here’s our short gallery…

Sawing the bamboo skewers in halfSharpening each of the 24 skewers




Choosing 4 colours and rolling them into 1" ballsRoll all 4 balls into 1



Then roll into a long 'playdough' snake

at last, roll into a spiral and insert stick, cook following recipe's directions


Enjoy with brothers on the couch!


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