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Man and Animal

In this category you will find a subject taught in all Waldorf schools, Man and Animal. When we started back in fall, this subject got me stumped. I originally thought it was a typical Zoology theme but realized the more I read about it, the more I understood it is about man’s relation to and with the animal kingdom. What really represents Man-Humans, why are we similar yet so different to the animals around us. Our consciousness plays a big part, not that i’m saying animals are not conscious in the space they hold. It seems that we grasp a different perspective with the ability of cognitive thought and what literally lifts humans above beasts, is our upright walk, which frees our hands and allows us not only to serve ourselves but others as well.  Even if the animal would carry such a thought, his skeletal frame would not allow it to perform. I say this because my cat seems to convey humanistic attitude at times that could make us believe otherwise. Observing animals is such a captivating pastime. Before this block I had never considered how we are shaped into being by our environment. Every creature and human have been shaped by the wind, the sun and landscape they reside. By looking at animals, it becomes quite obvious, giraffe’s long neck, bird’s hallow bones filled with air, tapir’s thin snout for collecting the insects it so loves. We too have been molded by our environment.  This is a first for me, at exploring this subject, there is much that I left undiscovered, which will make things interesting once I revisit it with my two younger boys. I hope what I’ve done so far as ignited something or even inspired you on your own journey. Come back later on, there is sure to be more on this subject.

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