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The Mouse, the Lion and The Cow


Last fall, after completing our first week on the threefold human being, please read prior post for more info on that, we started our second week by taking a closer look at the mouse. Now before I continue, each of the following animals below should embody one of the threefold human being aspects, of head, trunk, limbs. After much pondering, and many days digesting what I had studied on the topic, I came to an understanding that might make it easier to distinguish the 3 categories of animals. Simply by looking at their teeth. Humans possess all three types, incisors, canines and molars. Which can categorize three types of mammals, rodents, carnivores and ungulates. It was just a thought to consider, I think this would make it simpler to be able to clearly divide each category.


Modeling mouse in his house by Tristan 2010

Here is a very tiny animal who is completely submerged in his senses, which is comparable to the human head. His senses and nervous system are constantly processing information to assess danger. Being such a small creature, is neccessary for his survival.

Focusing on the mouse, Tristan learned a poem about mice called ” I think mice are nice” by Rose Fyleman. This poem is from a wonderful book called “A Journey Through Time in Verse and Rhyme” by Heather Thomas.

Our third week was focused on the lion, King of Beasts. After examining the lion, he wrote a report and recited a poem, which is pictured above. Tristan then worked at modeling a lion out of plasticine.

Our final week was centered on the cow. What a dear and gentle animal the cow is. Providing mankind with so many treasures. He is so devoted at chewing and digesting while possessing a four-chambered stomach. All this chewing has provided Mother Earth and mankind with rich, nutritious manure, keeping the earth’s biodiversity well balanced and allowing us to maintain healthy gardens.


We ended our first block of Man and Animal last fall with this wonderful creature.

This last picture is a drawing done with the “mercurius” brand of chalkboard colored chalk. I was so impressed with the results, we employed this technique in Norse Myths.

More about this subject later on.

Thank you for reading!


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